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Getting started with custom themes in Orchard
Even better customizability in Orchard
One of our goals in Orchard is to make it possible and simple to change and customize the markup and style for everything that gets rendered by the application and its modules. Of course, this is made a lot trickier by our other big requirement of making...
Building my new blog with Orchard – Part 3: one way to skin a cat
These last few weeks I’ve been refraining from starting any deep work on my new Orchard-powered blog because most of what I had in mind involved widgets, which are being built right now. Version 0.8 is just around the corner: the team is just putting...
Orchard team looking for a new developer
My team is looking for a new full-time developer. The project is to build a completely new open-source CMS based on ASP.NET MVC 2. It’s a lot of fun :) https://careers.microsoft.com/JobDetails.aspx?ss=&pg=0&so=&rw=1&jid=9434&jlang...
querySelectorAll on old IE versions: something that doesn’t work
In today’s post, I’m going to show an interesting technique to solve a problem and then I will tear it to pieces and explain why it is actually useless. I believe that negative results should also be published so that we can save other people from wasting...
Glimmer: visually build jQuery animations and stuff
If you’re still intimidated by jQuery or DOM manipulation in general, if you need to quickly build web animations, if you’re more a designer guy, if you think tooling makes sense, or a combination of the above, you should probably check out Glimmer ....
CSS isolation: there has got to be a better way
CSS can be a tricky thing. I’m trying to do something that I think should be pretty simple. Let’s say a page contains a section (e.g. an admin panel) that must be styled independently from the rest of the page, but consistently and predictably. The DOM...
Posted: Apr 14 2009, 12:26 AM by Bertrand Le Roy | with 14 comment(s)
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