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What's new in Orchard 1.1?
It was only three months ago that we shipped Orchard 1.0 and 1.1 is already here with some substantial improvements and many bug fixes. Let me walk you through the most important ones… Admin Redesign Here is our old Orchard 1.0 dashboard next to the new...
FluentPath 1.0
Last Sunday, I published version 1.0 of my little FluentPath library . This library, which is a fluent wrapper around System.IO, started as a little experiment / code sample and has been met with some enthusiasm from some of you so I spent quite a bit...
Building my new blog with Orchard – part 2: importing old contents
In the previous post , I installed Orchard onto my hosted IIS7 instance and created the “about” page. This time, I’m going to show how I imported existing contents into Orchard. For my new blog, I didn’t want to start with a completely empty site and...
Building my new blog with Orchard – Part 1
Several people have asked me if I would move my blog to Orchard . There are actually several challenges with this that have nothing to do with Orchard itself, but suffice it to say that right now I’m not really considering it. On the other hand, for a...
Clay: malleable C# dynamic objects – part 1: why we need it
When trying to build the right data structure in Orchard to contain a view model to which multiple entities blindly contribute, it became obvious pretty fast that using a dynamic structure of sorts was a must. What we needed was a hierarchical structure...
Orchard 0.5 is out
Before I joined Microsoft seven years ago, I had spent a couple of years building a Web CMS. It wasn’t open-source unfortunately but the experience convinced me that most public-facing web sites would shortly use some form of CMS. I also forged strong...
Writing the tests for FluentPath
Writing the tests for FluentPath is a challenge. The library is a wrapper around a legacy API (System.IO) that wasn’t designed to be easily testable. If it were more testable, the sensible testing methodology would be to tell System.IO to act against...
FluentPath now on CodePlex
My FluentPath library is now available on CodePlex. I’ve also modified the code so that it can now be compiled against .NET 3.5SP1 and not just .NET 4.0. http://fluentpath.codeplex.com/
FluentPath: a fluent wrapper around System.IO
.NET is now more than eight years old, and some of its APIs got old with more grace than others. System.IO in particular has always been a little awkward. It’s mostly static method calls ( Path.* , Directory.* , etc.) and some stateful classes ( DirectoryInfo...
Setting up a continuous integration server for a CodePlex project using TeamCity and Mercurial
Continuous integration enables developers to have an automated way of validating the quality of their check-ins. A CI server will monitor your version control repository and on every check-in will build the project and at the very least run unit tests...
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