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Ajax Control Toolkit: new controls, bug fixes
And we have a new release of Ajax Control Toolkit. I didn’t work on this one but there are some nice things in there nonetheless :) First, new controls! SeaDragon : I’ve blogged before about Seadragon , the JavaScript-only way to do Deep Zoom . It became...
VirtualAlbion using Deep Zoom and SeaDragon Ajax
Seadragon.embed("500px", "500px", "http://photozoom.mslivelabs.com/DZ/100/0/Image/Col/zece309bc8c7f465fbca8087784612173/ffbbd46b-305f-4b8e-a745-522d1aa49b2f.xml", 4000, 4000, 256, 1, "jpg"); Lionhead recently published a high resolution map of Albion...
Deep Zoom without Silverlight
In a move that I wouldn’t have bet a dollar on, Live Labs released a purely JavaScript Deep Zoom client. You read that right, what was so far one of the nice features only found in Silverlight is now available in an open web, standards-based version....
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