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Namespaces are obsolete
To those of us who have been around for a while, namespaces have been part of the landscape. One could even say that they have been defining the large-scale features of the landscape in question. However, something happened fairly recently that I think...
Clay: malleable C# dynamic objects – part 2
In the first part of this post , I explained what requirements we have for the view models in Orchard and why we think dynamic is a good fit for such an object model. This time, we’re going to look at Louis ’ Clay library and how you can use it to create...
Clay: malleable C# dynamic objects – part 1: why we need it
When trying to build the right data structure in Orchard to contain a view model to which multiple entities blindly contribute, it became obvious pretty fast that using a dynamic structure of sorts was a must. What we needed was a hierarchical structure...
Optional named parameters work pretty well
Rob has found a use for dynamic: http://blog.wekeroad.com/2010/08/06/flexible-parameters-with-csharp Yay! Let’s celebrate! Well, I was a little puzzled because I don’t think it quite adds up in the specific example he chose (although please see no aggressiveness...
Fun with C# 4.0’s dynamic
There’s been some debate recently on the new “dynamic” keyword in C# 4.0 . As has been the case with many features before it, some love it, some hate it, some say it bloats the language, yadda yadda yadda. People said that about lambdas. Me, I’ll just...
JSON-style dictionary parameters in C#?
Eilon has an interesting post about using the new anonymous object initializer syntax in APIs that take dictionaries. The end result looks very much like the JSON parameterized function calls that are very common in many JavaScript frameworks, which shows...
Dynamic languages in ASP.NET
David Ebbo wrote a very interesting article that explains in great details how they gave ASP.NET the ability to be driven by dynamic languages. The compilation system, on which David worked for a few years, is explained, as well as why it doesn't...
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