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Mandatory look back at 2010
Yeah, it's one of those posts, sorry. First, the mildly depressing: the most popular post on this blog this year with 47,000 hits was a post from last year about a fix to a bug in ASP.NET . A content-less post except for that link to the KB article that...
FluentPath 1.0
Last Sunday, I published version 1.0 of my little FluentPath library . This library, which is a fluent wrapper around System.IO, started as a little experiment / code sample and has been met with some enthusiasm from some of you so I spent quite a bit...
Writing the tests for FluentPath
Writing the tests for FluentPath is a challenge. The library is a wrapper around a legacy API (System.IO) that wasn’t designed to be easily testable. If it were more testable, the sensible testing methodology would be to tell System.IO to act against...
FluentPath now on CodePlex
My FluentPath library is now available on CodePlex. I’ve also modified the code so that it can now be compiled against .NET 3.5SP1 and not just .NET 4.0. http://fluentpath.codeplex.com/
FluentPath: a fluent wrapper around System.IO
.NET is now more than eight years old, and some of its APIs got old with more grace than others. System.IO in particular has always been a little awkward. It’s mostly static method calls ( Path.* , Directory.* , etc.) and some stateful classes ( DirectoryInfo...
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