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This is how we should read hexadecimal…
Today my five-year-old told me that when she was four, she thought that what came after ninety-nine was… tenty. You know, because seventy, eighty, ninety, tenty. At first I thought it was just funny and charming, but then I realized it was actually a...
What did you start programming on?
There’s some kind of controversy going on today in our microcosm. I don’t want to enter that controversy because I think nobody’s willing to listen to anybody but themselves. Instead, I want to propose something different, a trip down memory lane. Most...
When failure is a feature
Warning: this post is going to be slightly off-topic and non-technical. Well, not computer science technical at least. I was reading an article in SciAm this morning about the possibility of a robot uprising. Don’t laugh yet, this is a very real, if still...
My video setup
As I’m in vacation, I thought I’d make a post on something different but still quite geeky. I really like to see how people set-up their video systems: there isn’t just one way to do it right and I can’t think of two friends of mine who have something...
Posted: Dec 31 2009, 11:36 PM by Bertrand Le Roy | with 12 comment(s)
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