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ZenGallery: a minimalist image gallery for Orchard
There are quite a few image gallery modules for Orchard but they were not invented here I wanted something a lot less sophisticated that would be as barebones and minimalist as possible out of the box, to make customization extremely easy. So I made this...
Drawing transparent glyphs on the HTML canvas
The HTML canvas has a set of methods, createImageData and putImageData, that look like they will enable you to draw transparent shapes pixel by pixel. The data structures that you manipulate with these methods are pseudo-arrays of pixels, with four bytes...
So what are zones really?
There is a (not so) particular kind of shape in Orchard: zones. Functionally, zones are places where other shapes can render. There are top-level zones, the ones defined on Layout, where widgets typically go, and there are local zones that can be defined...
Getting started with custom themes in Orchard
Even better customizability in Orchard
One of our goals in Orchard is to make it possible and simple to change and customize the markup and style for everything that gets rendered by the application and its modules. Of course, this is made a lot trickier by our other big requirement of making...
Taking over list rendering in Orchard
A task that is likely to pop-up oftentimes when customizing an Orchard theme for a project is list rendering. Two types of shapes will typically be at work when rendering a list in Orchard: the summary shape and the list shape. The list shape itself will...
Building my new blog with Orchard – Part 3: one way to skin a cat
These last few weeks I’ve been refraining from starting any deep work on my new Orchard-powered blog because most of what I had in mind involved widgets, which are being built right now. Version 0.8 is just around the corner: the team is just putting...
Building my new blog with Orchard – part 2: importing old contents
In the previous post , I installed Orchard onto my hosted IIS7 instance and created the “about” page. This time, I’m going to show how I imported existing contents into Orchard. For my new blog, I didn’t want to start with a completely empty site and...
Ban HTML comments from your pages and views
Too many people don’t realize that there are other options than <!-- --> comments to annotate HTML. These comments are harmful because they are sent to the client and thus make your page heavier than it needs to be. When doing ASP.NET, a simple...
Binding a select in a client template
I recently got a question on one of my client template posts asking me how to bind a select tag’s value to data in client templates . I was surprised not to find anything on the web addressing the problem, so I thought I’d write a short post about it...
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