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querySelectorAll on old IE versions: something that doesn’t work
In today’s post, I’m going to show an interesting technique to solve a problem and then I will tear it to pieces and explain why it is actually useless. I believe that negative results should also be published so that we can save other people from wasting...
Why is ASP.NET encoding &’s in script URLs? A tale of looking at entirely the wrong place for a cause to a non-existing bug.
Several people have reported seeing errors in their logs that seem to be due to requests such as this: /ScriptResource.axd?d= [lots of junk] & t=ffffffffee24147c The important part here is the HTML-encoded “&” sequence, which stands for...
asp:menu fix for IE8 problem available
Internet Explorer 8 is a unique release in the history of Internet Explorer in more than one way, but the decision to make standards mode the default means that authors of existing sites are impacted by it, if only to set the compatibility mode to IE7...
How to choose a client template engine
Disclaimer: I worked on the Microsoft Ajax 4.0 template engine, so my criteria are of course heavily influenced by our own design. Templates are a data rendering method that server-side developers have enjoyed since the old days of classic ASP and PHP...
JavaScript Behavior Sheets: an experiment
Here’s a little experiment. I’m really after feedback on this one as I’m trying to decide whether this is a good idea. It’s also entirely possible somebody else did this before. That would be good feedback too. Anyway, here it is. Despite its shortcomings...
IE8: now with search that doesn't suck
I installed IE8 Beta 2 and tried CTRL+F this morning and here's what I got: Finally. Quite a lot of nice things in this beta actually...
Web development best practices finally made fun
OpenAjax requests comments on browser wishlist
The OpenAjax Alliance has been working with some of the top Ajax developers on a wishlist that aims at gathering and prioritizing the development features that we need the most from next generation browsers. The process is completely open and Wiki-based...
IE8 to look forward: the Evil Empire listened
I've said some time ago that I personally would have preferred if IE8 was in standard mode by default , that it made more sense in the long run at the price of moderate suffering in the short term. Well, it seems like announcing the "meta-tag"...
Getting absolute coordinates from a DOM element
For some reason, there is no standard API to get the pixel coordinates of a DOM element relative to the upper-left corner of the document. APIs only exist to get coordinates relative to the offset parent. Problem is, it's very important to get those coordinates...
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