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Source-controlled database backups
I’m not very satisfied with traditional database backup solutions. It seems like almost no progress was made since SQL Server 6.5 (at least for the built-in tools). They are still outputting monolithic binary backup files that only do the job if the only...
From ScrewTurn Wiki to Markdown
I'm in the process of moving the Orchard documentation site from ScrewTurn Wiki to a Mercurial + Markdown system, where revisions are managed through source control tools instead of a fully online wiki. We see quite a few advantages in doing that, but...
How to get a source code enlistment set-up for Orchard
This screencast shows the basic set-up for an Orchard dev environment.
Setting up a continuous integration server for a CodePlex project using TeamCity and Mercurial
Continuous integration enables developers to have an automated way of validating the quality of their check-ins. A CI server will monitor your version control repository and on every check-in will build the project and at the very least run unit tests...
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