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The CMS ecosystem and Microsoft
CMS is extremely important strategically for any web company. About 35% of web sites use a CMS, and the top ones are all PHP (WordPress on its own is more than 20% of all web sites). In other words, if you care about the market share of your web platform...
TypeScript first impressions
Anders published a video of his new project today , which aims at creating a superset of JavaScript, that compiles down to regular current JavaScript. Anders is a tremendously clever guy, and it always shows in his work. There is much to like in the enterprise...
Leaving the Evil Empire
TL;DR: I’m leaving Microsoft to found my own company . My involvement in Orchard continues unchanged. It’s been almost nine years. Nine years at Microsoft, first as a developer, and then as a program manager. I’ve worked on ASP.NET versions 2.0 to 4.0...
About Orchard Governance and Microsoft
Back in September, we did something with Orchard that is kind of a big deal: we transferred control over the Orchard project to the community. Most Open Source projects that were initiated by corporations such as Microsoft are nowadays still governed...
Orchard 0.5 is out
Before I joined Microsoft seven years ago, I had spent a couple of years building a Web CMS. It wasn’t open-source unfortunately but the experience convinced me that most public-facing web sites would shortly use some form of CMS. I also forged strong...
Hiring for new super-secret project
Well, I guess it’s not so super-secret anymore now but these last few months, I’ve been transitioning from ASP.NET Ajax to a new project that aims at helping ASP.NET communities build Open Source applications on ASP.NET. It’s a lot of fun and the good...
asp:menu fix for IE8 problem available
Internet Explorer 8 is a unique release in the history of Internet Explorer in more than one way, but the decision to make standards mode the default means that authors of existing sites are impacted by it, if only to set the compatibility mode to IE7...
Deep Zoom without Silverlight
In a move that I wouldn’t have bet a dollar on, Live Labs released a purely JavaScript Deep Zoom client. You read that right, what was so far one of the nice features only found in Silverlight is now available in an open web, standards-based version....
Going to California
I’m flying to San Jose tonight for tomorrow’s OpenAjax Alliance face to face meeting , which Microsoft is hosting. On Friday, we are also hosting a new event that aims at establishing a dialogue between JavaScript library developers and Microsoft. We...
Alt.NET podcast on jQuery
We had an interesting conversation with the good people from the Alt.NET podcast on jQuery and what it means for .NET developers. Check it out: http://altnetpodcast.com/episodes/11-jquery-in-asp.net
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