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What's that exception you have here?
Mike Harder found this one that I didn't know about: all exceptions that you may get from the browser are not Error instances. DOMException is an exception that gets thrown when a DOM operation fails, but for some incomprehensible reason it doesn't derive...
Web development best practices finally made fun
OpenAjax requests comments on browser wishlist
The OpenAjax Alliance has been working with some of the top Ajax developers on a wishlist that aims at gathering and prioritizing the development features that we need the most from next generation browsers. The process is completely open and Wiki-based...
Getting absolute coordinates from a DOM element
For some reason, there is no standard API to get the pixel coordinates of a DOM element relative to the upper-left corner of the document. APIs only exist to get coordinates relative to the offset parent. Problem is, it's very important to get those coordinates...
D'oh! I guess they didn't think about that one...
Too funny: http://nldd.lordabdul.net//12.html
How to build a cross-browser history management system
When we built the history management feature in ASP.NET Futures, we spent considerable time experimenting with the different behaviors of the main browsers out there. The problem with such a feature is that it has to rely on a number of hacks because...
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