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Logging SQL queries in Orchard
It is often useful to see what database queries were made during a specific request in Orchard. There are quite a few ways to do this (you can trace right from SQL Server , or you can use Mini-Profiler for instance), but this morning Sébastien showed...
Source-controlled database backups
I’m not very satisfied with traditional database backup solutions. It seems like almost no progress was made since SQL Server 6.5 (at least for the built-in tools). They are still outputting monolithic binary backup files that only do the job if the only...
Recovering the admin password in Orchard
These things happen, and it seems hopeless at first: you've locked yourself out of your own site and that's that. Well, not quite. If you still have access to the database there is a way out. Access may be through FTP and WebMatrix or Visual Studio if...
Deploying an Orchard site using WebMatrix
In this screencast, I'm publishing an Orchard web site and its SQL Express database to a shared host using WebMatrix.
Migrating an Orchard site from SqlCe to Sql Express using WebMatrix
In this short video, I show how to use WebMatrix to migrate an Orchard site from using the file-based SqlCe to a SQL Express database.
Using LinqPad to open SQL CE 4.0 databases
I love SQL CE 4.0 because it promises to solves a problem that only SQLite has been able to solve thus far: no-install, x-copy deployable relational engine with good performance. The disadvantage in using such a recent engine is that tooling is only slowly...
Orchard team looking for a new developer
My team is looking for a new full-time developer. The project is to build a completely new open-source CMS based on ASP.NET MVC 2. It’s a lot of fun :) https://careers.microsoft.com/JobDetails.aspx?ss=&pg=0&so=&rw=1&jid=9434&jlang...
Please, please, please, learn about injection attacks!
I answer a lot of posts on the forums of the ASP.NET site. And more often than I would like to, I answer a different question than the one the poster asked, because I happened to easily spot a potential injection attack in the posted code. Now, what is...
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