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Electronics for developers with Netduino Go
Wouldn’t it be great if you could build your own stuff? Microcontrollers let you do that, but they usually require dealing with a lot of complexity and unknowns. If you’re a software developer, chances are you don’t really know how to use a capacitor...
Getting started with custom themes in Orchard
Using Taxonomies in Orchard
In this screencast, I will demonstrate how to use the Taxonomies module in Orchard to create a simple news site.
How to get a source code enlistment set-up for Orchard
This screencast shows the basic set-up for an Orchard dev environment.
Deploying an Orchard site using WebMatrix
In this screencast, I'm publishing an Orchard web site and its SQL Express database to a shared host using WebMatrix.
Migrating an Orchard site from SqlCe to Sql Express using WebMatrix
In this short video, I show how to use WebMatrix to migrate an Orchard site from using the file-based SqlCe to a SQL Express database.
A total n00b’s guide to migrating from a custom data layer to Nhibernate: getting started
(Screencast can be found at the end of the post) To be clear when I say “total n00b”, I’m not talking about you, dear reader, I’m talking about me. The last time I wrote any serious data access code was circa 2002. Since then, I got hired by the Evil...
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