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Photosynth of the President Inauguration
Photosynth never fails to amaze me. Check this out! http://www.cnn.com/SPECIALS/2009/44.president/inauguration/themoment/
Deep Zoom without Silverlight
In a move that I wouldn’t have bet a dollar on, Live Labs released a purely JavaScript Deep Zoom client. You read that right, what was so far one of the nice features only found in Silverlight is now available in an open web, standards-based version....
Generating HTML from Silverlight
Martin has an interesting post on the technique he uses in his Silverlight chess board to generate HTML from a Silverlight application. The idea is quite interesting because he uses Silverlight for what it’s strong (vector graphics here) and HTML for...
Celebrating Silverlight 2 while following the World Chess Championship
To celebrate the recent launch of Silverlight 2 , let me point you to a cool app from Martin Bennedik that is basically a Chess game (re)player. It’s really cool to visualize a whole game like this: http://www.chesscenter.com/twic/twic.html UPDATE: Martin...
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