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How to get a source code enlistment set-up for Orchard
This screencast shows the basic set-up for an Orchard dev environment.
How to install and configure Visual Studio Team Explorer
One of the challenging aspects of working with TFS as your source control system is very unfortunately the installation of the client software. Over the past few years, I’ve been managing a number of small and large projects on CodePlex, and while the...
You can do the TODOs today too!
If you’re anything like me, you probably litter your code with TODO comments, postponing random tasks for the sake of moving the project forward. And there is of course a non-zero probability that you are going to ship with those comments still in. So...
VsDoc for jQuery 1.3.1 now available
John Resig tells us he just uploaded the VsDoc file for jQuery 1.3.1 to jquery.com . This enables IntelliSense for the latest available jQuery. Download the file from the jQuery downloads page: http://docs.jquery.com/Downloading_jQuery#Download_jQuery...
Visual Studio patched for better jQuery IntelliSense
Jeff King just announced the release of a patch for Visual Studio 2008 that enables the IDE to find the –vsdoc.js file without requiring the developer to reference it. To give some context, a documentation file (basically the same file as the runtime...
jQuery IntelliSense documentation file available
IntelliSense documentation files for jQuery just got published on jquery.com . This enables great IntelliSense at design-time for jQuery in Visual Studio 2008. It goes without saying that this file should only be used at design-time and never at runtime...
Windows Live tools for Visual Studio
The Live team just shipped a great suite of controls that enable Live integration into any ASP.NET web site. The suite contains Map, LiveID, Messenger controls and more. Check it out! http://dev.live.com/tools/ Screencast: http://channel9.msdn.com/posts...
If you don't know about CTRL+I in Visual Studio...
If you don't know about CTRL+I in Visual Studio, go try it, I'll be waiting... So? Ain't that cool? (CTRL+I does incremental search, so it will progressively select the first occurrence of whatever you type. It's a lot less disruptive than CTRL+F as a...
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