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State of .NET Image Resizing: how does imageresizer do?
I've written several times before about image resizing in .NET and how the various built-in solutions (GDI, WPF and WIC) compare in terms of quality, speed and size. I'll put the links to my previous articles at the end of this post for reference. Several...
The fastest way to resize images from ASP.NET. And it’s (more) supported-ish.
I’ve shown before how to resize images using GDI , which is fairly common but is explicitly unsupported because we know of very real problems that this can cause. Still, many sites still use that method because those problems are fairly rare, and because...
Server-side resizing with WPF: now with JPG
I’ve shown before how to generate thumbnails from ASP.NET server code using the WPF media APIs instead of GDI+ (which is unsupported when used in server code). In the previous article , I’ve been generating the thumbnails as PNG files. The reason for...
Resizing images from the server using WPF/WIC instead of GDI+
I and many others have written about resizing images using GDI+ , or rather its .NET façade, System.Drawing . It works. But there is just this one sentence at the bottom of the documentation : Caution: Classes within the System.Drawing namespace are not...
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