I made this faceplate

I made this faceplate So here's what I've been up to. The original idea came from this beautiful Xbox 360 faceplate all the employees of the Xbox division got at launch.
It has some beautiful concept art but the best part in my opinion is this "I made this" thing they wrote on the USB door.
I figured that even though I was not working in the Xbox division, I could still have my own "I made this" faceplate.
I searched for a possible subject for my first custom faceplate and quickly settled on the Emily the Strange comic character. It has an excellent mood and both myself and my wife are great fans and collectors of Emily art and books. We love the elegance and simplicity of the bi or tri-color drawings and the way they're drawn with sharp edges and perfectly flat surfaces.
So what do you think? (except that it's not very personal, I just copied something I like, but well, let's say that I'm not too confident in my own drawing talent to do something really personal for the moment).


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