If you're reading this, you should be on weblogs.asp.net/bleroy

Apologies if you're not. Let me explain.

I'm publishing this post on my blog, which quite a few external sites chose to aggregate. I thank them for that, but I should still have the freedom to talk about any subject I want on my own blog no matter what the editorial line of those other sites is. That's why I've been very carefully tagging all my posts (except for this one which is deliberately not tagged). As a result, sites that want to aggregate my contents can choose which tags they're interested in and reject the others.

For example, let's imagine that you are interested in contents that are tagged with "ASP.NET" and "JavaScript". In that case, you can subscribe to:


Another example would be to get all posts that are tagged with "ASP.NET", "OpenAjax" or "Microsoft Ajax Library". You can then use:


Despite all that, I'm still getting irate comments asking me to stick to the point (which of course I have no idea what it is as I don't know on what feed they're reading me) and stop publishing contents that is "irrelevant to the feed".

As you can see, there are very flexible ways of selecting the contents of this blog while maintaining my freedom of speech, so if you're reading this as part of an aggregated RSS feed and it seems irrelevant to it, it means that its owner blindly subscribed to the full feed. Please point them to this post, or send me e-mail at bleroy at microsoft and I'll contact them myself so that I can explain them how to modify their subscription. Don't forget of course to specify the URL of the feed where you saw this post.

Thanks for your cooperation.


  • I just added weblogs.asp.net/the&dark&and&mysterious&side&of&bleroy -- wow!

  • I think it just shows the weakness of clunky aggrators like DotNetSlackers that have an oversimplified approach towards the task, and then also, their overly simple audiences that don't want to do the minimal footwork necessary to get the feeds they want. Hence, I do my direct links to Rick Strahl and others.

  • Welcome on board Bertrand! I am also getting this kind of frustrating comments, and I really hate that! As you are saying it is still our blog or ?
    btw, your Xbox Live name is awesome!

  • This post is irrelevant to the feed in the sense that it's relevant to the feed. I used to like this blog because it didn't stick to the point, so please could you go back to sticking to the point of not sticking to the point? Thanks.

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