Wally’s introduction to 3.5 SP1

Wally McClure, MVP extraordinaire and ASP Insider, just published a short book about the new features in ASP.NET 3.5 SP1. It is a short and to the point read that should get you started in no time. I wouldn’t have shown web service access as the main advantage of jQuery myself (the selector and animation support adds more value for ASP.NET Ajax developers) but that’s a minor thing, and there are plenty of other resources to learn about jQuery. Topics in Wally’s book include:

  • Ajax History
  • Script Combining (including ScriptReferenceProfiler)
  • jQuery
  • Routing
  • Entity Framework
  • Dynamic Data
  • ADO.NET Data Services



  • Interesting that we can read something from a "MVP extraordinaire" - I don't know what this is - about jQuery but we never read something about the changes of the Microsoft AJAX Library from one version of the .NET Framework to another.

  • @SKT: I have no idea what you mean by that. If you look at the list of things Wally talks about, you'll see that the new Microsoft Ajax features are the first two things in the list, before jQuery, and he spends a lot more time on those than on jQuery...

  • Here is my list of asp.net developoment books:


    And I am also a big fan of jQuery :-)

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