Who's the PC now?

I saw WALL-E yesterday with my daughter. As usual, Pixar delivers a great, fun movie. Animating a pile of rusty metal and transform it into such a moving character is no small achievement. But there's one thing that I found really curious.

You know how Pixar is owned by Steve Jobs, right? And in the movie, there is the old WALL-E and the sleek, shiny new EVE. When I saw this unlikely couple, I almost immediately thought about Apple's "I'm a Mac, I'm a PC" ads. And of course, I also thought WALL-E must be the PC, and EVE must be the shiny new Mac. Right? Well, that is until I heard the sound WALL-E does when it reboots (twice in the movie): it's the sound of a Mac.


  • Or, you could argue that both are Macs and that 1) survival of the fittest means that only Macs are left in the future, or 2) that only Macs are capable of love, which is why you don't see any PCs in the story.

  • @Mike: that's an interesting way to look at it. But apparently, evil mainframes also survive (the autopilot is clearly HAL, a.k.a. IBM).

  • forget about the pcs and macs just see iphone. microsoft sucks at everything...

  • @Ron: thanks, now I see the Light.

    @Mike: wait, that would mean that Apple, in the future, will become the Buy'N'Large mega-corporation that will (under the command of its charismatic leader) take over the Earth, transform it into a crapyard, eradicate all vegetal life, drive the human race into exile and transform people into boneless balls of fat. It all makes sense now. :)

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