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  • A blogging experiment

    I consider blogging to be a very efficient way to help the community while promoting my own personal brand (which is important not for my oversized ego, but because I’m an independent consultant, and more visibility means more and better contracts). Many successful bloggers blog often, sometimes several times a day. I’ve never been able to sustain a frequency of more than a post per week myself so far, but for about a week, I’ve been trying something different. I’ve decided that I would write something every day, whether it’s a post for one of my blogs, a page for a book, training material, or some personal notes. The idea is to make writing a part of my everyday routine.


  • Speeding up pages with lots of media content items

    For a few versions now, Orchard has been treating media (images, videos, etc.) as content items. There is a special kind of field, MediaLibraryPickerField, that enables you to add images, or collections of images, to any content type. For example, on the Nwazet web site, I’ve added a “Image Gallery” field to the product content type:


  • Deriving from a fluent class

    Here’s an interesting one, and maybe you can help me make my design less crappy. I have this library that I’m a little proud of, called FluentPath. It’s a fluent wrapper around System.IO that enables you to manipulate files not unlike how jQuery manipulates the DOM, with operations over sets, and lots of functional concepts:


  • Strongly-typed HTML helpers in Orchard shapes

    Orchard uses dynamic objects called shapes as view models. It happens commonly that you’ll want to use strongly-typed HTML helpers such as Html.TextBoxFor from within a shape’s template. Unfortunately, this is not possible: those helpers rely fundamentally on the model being strongly-typed, because they need to be able to infer the properties of the object from the Lambda expression passed as a parameter of the helper, but the compiler will refuse to compile Lambda expressions on dynamic objects. As I understand it, this is because the compiler can’t infer enough information about the object at compile time. This is all regrettable but that’s how things are.


  • Asking questions is a skill

    If you’re going to get into any sort of technical job, you’re going to have to ask questions. A lot of questions. Unfortunately, too few people understand how to ask questions properly. Asking questions is a skill. It has to be learnt.


  • The Shift: how Orchard painlessly shifted to document storage, and how it’ll affect you

    We’ve known it all along. The storage for Orchard content items would be much more efficient using a document database than a relational one. Orchard content items are composed of parts that serialize naturally into infoset kinds of documents. Storing them as relational data like we’ve done so far was unnatural and requires the data for a single item to span multiple tables, related through 1-1 relationships. This means lots of joins in queries, and a great potential for Select N+1 problems.