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Visual Basic

I've lately been slurping up Visual Basic .NET.  After seeing gobs of blogs in Haskell and Scheme, you might be forgiven for exclaiming "Say WHAT?"  Well, VB is where programming is going, and I'm not just speaking as a company man, here. There is more energy, talent, and momentum behind VB than I have *ever* seen behind a programming system, and I've been in that game for a long time (been implementing languages since Forth was considered cool :). Here's a little goodie for you: in VB .NET 2003 (Everett), I've written a little Mandelbrot explorer (Please go to the "articles" section to pick it up in source form). I know the topic is a little bit 'dated,' but it's still fun and this program shows off how incredibly easy it is to write moderately sophisticated programs. What about Really Sophisticated programs? Wait till you see VB 8 and 9 (Whidbey and Orcas). On my side, I have in mind a Clifford-algebra calculator; a Lie-algebra explorer for QFT, QCD, and all that; and who knows what else.

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