DotNetNuke & MVC

Earlier this week, Shaun Walker, [DotNetNuke]'s Co-Founder and Chief Architect, caused a bit of a ruckus in the blogosphere/twitterverse with his blog post ASP.NET MVC and DotNetNuke.  I think many disagreed with his representation of ASP.NET MVC, whether or not they agreed with the actual point of the blog post (to announce that [DNN] is not going to be ported to ASP.NET MVC).  Unfortunately, much of the discussion became a little too heated, so I think we are all glad to be able to move on to more productive discussions now that the backlash has died down some.  Charles Nurse has led the way forward for productive discussions by blogging about his recent work integrating an ASP.NET MVC application into a [DNN] site as a real [DNN] module.  It's very exciting stuff, even with the list of known issues.  Hopefully we can move forward on this front and allow both WebForms and MVC-style development within the [DNN] ecosystem, making it richer for its diversity.

Also, if you are interested in learning about MVC, TekPub's Rob Conery has donated coupons for their ASP.NET MVC series to [DNN].  All you need to do to get some free (excellent) training on ASP.NET MVC is to blog about [DNN] and leave a comment about it.


  • Hi,

    I just want to know that DNN latest version is built with MVC framework or not?
    like in Nope Commerce, nope commerce latest version is built with MVC framework.

    is this done with DNN?

  • DNN is still built on ASP.NET WebForms, rather than ASP.NET MVC, and probably will be for the foreseeable future. To change would break every existing extension. However, the next version of DNN will include some ASP.NET MVC components for building web services, and the project also include the WebForms MVP project, which uses a similar architecture. DRUID by Hypercrunch ( also supports an MVC development architecture.

  • What is the user of MvcModuleApplication if i can't install my control in dnn yet ? is there anyway that i can use Razor Module to be a view for another MVC razor engine application ?

  • I'm not familiar with MvcModuleApplication. The Razor Module allows you to use the Razor scripting engine to render some data. However, it doesn't integrate with ASP.NET MVC in any way.

  • sorry for bothering :) , so there is no way till now to work with MVC on Dotnetnuke , ive read many articles and blogs but it got me confused whether they've reached to a solution or not yet ?

  • Right, there is not any direct connection between ASP.NET MVC and DotNetNuke. If you prefer that style of development, you can use WebForms MVP, or use the Web API services framework and do client-side MVC.

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