HTTPS Support in XSP

I'm pleased to announce that the XSP web server now supports SSL connections!  XSP is a web server from the Mono Project developed mostly by Gonzalo Paniagua from Novell in C#.  I utilize the XSP code in my Application Server Project to host web applications on Windows and Linux.  I wanted to provide the ability to serve secure pages from within the Application Server without the need for Apache or IIS. S├ębastien Pouliot (also from Novell) had already done most of the heavy lifting by developing a SslServerStream.  The majority of the work was to integrate this into the XSP framework.  In the process, I ran across a bug in the SslCipherSuite and submitted a patch to the mono mailing list.  My changes to XSP have recently been committed to the Mono SVN tree.  Another change to XSP is the seperation of the web hosting code into a seperate DLL from the main console application (Mono.WebServer.dll).  This allows others to easily embed the XSP server in their applications.

Here is an example of xsp running with SSL enabled:
> mono xsp.exe --https --cert server.cer --pkfile server.pvk --pkpwd pass --root ~/samples

To generate a server certificate & private key:
> makecert -r -eku -n "CN=server" -sv server.pvk server.cer
  ( from Sebastien Pouliot's blog: )

NOTE: This support is currently only available if you build from source.

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  • I just stumbled across your Application Server (cluster) project and from that point on have had a big smile on my face :)

    It is like when you are searching the web and you hit gold!

    I'm currently working on a project where we plan to have a web farm ( cluster) and PostgreSQL cluster, as the idea is to run cheap machines but handle large loads/requests.

    So we are experimenting with mono (linux), as this will be the cheaper approach compared to Windows.

    Just a question: Why do you plan not to use Apache? or are you providing an alternative with XSP .

    Does anyone run your AP software at the moment even in dev or production? Just curious of their experiences and feedback.



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