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Delphi turns 10 years old

February 14th marked the 10th anniversary of the launch of Delphi version 1.0 at the Software Development Conference in California. You can listen to a phone interview with the original creators of Delphi over at the Borland Developers Site to help celebrate.

Before moving to C#, I was a Delphi coder back in the day.  Delphi is a powerful tool and has been ahead of its time.  When it was first released, it blew the doors off Visual Basic. (And in many was still does) Luckily, Microsoft has learned a lot from Borland when bringing .NET to market.  I guess it helped bringing onboard Anders Hjelsberg!  But every once in a while, I wish I had the good old Delphi back.  Luckily, coders are bringing some of the Delphi tools to C# or Delphi.NET.  The other day, a buddy of mine found a C# implementation of the venderable TStringList.

Happy Birthday Delphi!

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Super Bowl in the River City

Living in Jacksonville, it was a great experience to have the Super Bowl in town. The city really stepped up to the challenge of being the smallest city to host the Super Bowl.  Everything, except the traffic, was a great success.


On Saturday, we braved the crowds and went downtown for the NFL Experience.  It was a great time.  My son had a super time meeting NFL players and playing the games they had setup.

[ Check out my photos ]


I hope everyone who came out to Jacksonville had a great time and will come back again soon.

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