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Mono 1.2 Released

This a major release for the Mono project and includes many improvements:

  • Windows.Forms is implemented!  This allows WinForms GUI applications to run on both Windows and Linux.
  • Extensive platform support.  You can run Mono almost anywhere! 

       32 bit systems: x86, PowerPC, ARM, s390, SPARC.
       64 bit systems: x86-64, s390x, Itanium (IA64).

       Operating system support Linux, OSX, Windows and BSD.  

  • Performance Improvements.  Lots of compiler optimizations, I/O layer rewrite, and ASP.NET rewrite
  • More ways to run ASP.NET applications.  You can run them under mod_mono on Apache, XSP (a standalone web server in c#), or embed a web server in your application with Mono.WebServer.dll 
  • Tons of unit tests!  The Mono team is very big on unit testing and has over 121,600 lines of new NUnit tests for ASP.NET alone!

Congrats to everyone on the Mono team for reaching this milestone.

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MS Research has been working on a ".NET-based" operating system for some time.  Its a pretty exiting idea that could open up all kinds of new possiblities.  Now, it looks like the open source community may be getting in on the act.  The mono-develop mailing list has been buzzing with discussions of a CIL-based OS.  William Lahti has already start something he calls Jeto.  Jeto is an open source managed OS based on GNU/Linux. If you want to stay up on the discussion or contribute...look at the SharpOS web site.

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