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  • Don't Despair...Yet

    Is cubicle life making you too happy?  Are you starting to feel motivated?  Have no fear, the folks at are here to help.  They are fighting the war against motivation!

    "For over two decades, the multi-billion dollar motivation industry has unleashed untold suffering upon the workplaces, schools and civil institutions of the world- in the insidious form of the motivational poster.  In 1998, one company dared to fight back, as Despair, Inc. introduced Demotivators┬«, satirical products reverse-engineered from the most powerful motivational posters ever inflicted upon mankind."

    They have lots of good stuff on their site, but if you can't find something you like then generate your own!  They now let you generate and print your own posters.

    Here is my addition to the fight against Motivation...



  • Language List Upgrade

    The .NET Language List at has become one of the most comprehensive lists of .NET-targeted languages available on the net.  This is thanks in large part to community involvement.  I've wanted to do some upgrades on the page for some time, and the first of them are finally online.  Click on the Enhanced View link to see the new functionality.  You can vote for your favorite language & sort the list different ways.  I'll also be adding the ability to add comment support so you can discuss your the aspects of your favorite language with the community.  Please let me know what you think and how I can make it better.  Also, if you know of a new language, please send it my way.