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  • HDC07 - A big success!

    What a great time to be had a development conferences.  Putting that many smart people in one room should be illegal honestly.  Two solid days of .NET energy (and one adobe flex talk, ...<blink>) - Culminated with a 4 hour presentation by Scott Guthrie on the new Visual Studios 2008 / .NET 3.0 and 3.5 features. 

  • Ajax Service Methods: Returning Strong types or lists.

    In all the examples we've seen so far, we've returned simple strings, integers, or a standard type / value.  That's all fine and good, until we have something a little more complex to return, or need to return a list or array of something, or a list of type.  In the following example I'll demonstrate through code how to accomplish just that.

  • Creating an Efficient UI in ASP.NET. Part 2

    In the first installment of this series, we discussed the reasons for creating a clean and efficient UI, and some of the methods behind it.  If you haven't read the first part I suggest you do so here.  In this article we are going to go over some of the basics in getting setup to provide a streamlined user interface in a business sector.  Examples of use would be an intranet application, a Contact management solution, or some similar file / information store.  We'll discuss the pro's and con's of a few model types and ultimately choose a method and start our design.  The goal at the end of this article is to provide an interface "shell" that can be reused across different application types.  This shell should be similar to a template, but more extensible. 

  • CRINETA - Thanks again!

    I just wanted to take a moment to thank the Cedar Rapids branch of the INETA user group for the warm welcome.  I enjoyed speaking to the group tonight, and I hope some useful information was had by all.

    I'm in the process as we speak of converting the video I took to a web format, and I'll make it available as soon as I can get it converted to something web friendly.

    I look forward to further meetings. 

    To those that had extended questions - I'll get emails out to you, as soon as I can work up some good examples. 

    To clarify a few points:

    At one point during the presentation I mentioned that PHP was not a high performance platform.  I should stand corrected (with a little help).  What I should have said was - any I could write under PHP wouldn't be high performance by any means. 

    One of the most significant questions of the evening was:

    'What do you see are the downsides to using Ajax' (non verbatim). 

    Anyone that has comments about that topic - feel free to post.

    Thanks again,

    Bryan Sampica

    Microsoft MVP

  • Extending Service Methods: Part 3

    Returning single bits of data is nice, as seen in the previous examples.  Doing it async is even better - but what we really want to do is make this useful for business, and in business we use objects.  In this example I'll demonstrate how to use serialization methods, to return an object (serialized to an array) to our calling JavaScript proxy - and then bind that to area's of our page.  The goal of course being to do something useful in a business application, giving the user a nice Ajaxian style experience, and gathering / displaying the information we need at the appropriate time.