Excellent example of MOSS 2007 in action

If you're looking for an excellent example (maybe the first public site) built on Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, then check out the 2007 European SharePoint Conference site here.

This is an excellent example of what you can accomplish with MOSS. It uses an online InfoPath form (served up via Forms Services), variations for 3 different languages (French, English, and German), and master pages and styles for the look and feel.

Well done guys!


  • Inspite of all the customization, it still looks somewhat sharepointy.

    Though, there are master page samples that ship with a site built on team site template, which look nothing like sharepoint.

    Wouldn't it be nice if there was an entire third party market creating nothing but templates for sharepoint? Damn it'd get so much easier to setup a site that way.

  • Very cool. Like their use of Infopath for the registration form

  • Pretty nice. I agree with Sahil, though it could be because some of us deal with SPS so much that you just "know" the templates... like back in the 90's and FrontPage *shudder*.

    As someone who is working with plans to upgrade our CMS 2002 and SPS 2003 very shortly, it's nice to see the potential and breath a sigh of relief that the ASP.NET 2.0 flexibility will provide more than the standard blue-bar "Ocean" theme.

    Thanks for the find!

  • You're obviously not from Quebec, Bil.

    Otherwise you would shudder at the page you get when you choose French. Except for the word "Francais" everything is in English.

    Seems to me like they made this site public too soon.


    Oops sorry, found a (*single*) French word "responsables". Oddly the left-hand menu (in English except for that) is much shorter than the ones in German and English.

    Sort of French-Lite. It wouldn't play in Canada that's for sure.

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