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  • Got ideas?

    I have some spare cycles coming up and would like to offer my services for anyone looking for "small" web parts or .NET apps that interact and perform
    some function directly with SharePoint Portal Server or the WSS. These are things I want to add to the community so who better to provide ideas than well, the community. A couple of caveats to this:

    1. These are small spike projects not giant enterprise solutions so don't ask the world of me (i.e. I'm not going to build a business automation process engine for you).
    2. I cannot make SPS/WSS do things it's not designed for (like providing a web part that grants folder level security) so don't ask.
    3. There are no guarantees on the work done here and any creations are released to the community with source code for anyone to use. You're just there to get something directly and spark the ideas.
    4. This is not contract work so nothing in return is expected.
    5. Please send me your ideas, wants, desires to only please.

    Bring it.