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  • Prairie Dev Con West - Sessions Announced and Registration Open!

    I’m thrilled to announce that the Prairie Dev Con West folks have posted sessions and speakers on their site, and opened registration for Prairie Developer Conference West!

    Three Days of Fantastic Sessions!
    Prairie Dev Con West happens March 13 – 15, and will be three days of software development, IT Pro, and Agile sessions delivered by world class speakers and experts in the technical industry! We’ve currently posted 45 of the 72 sessions we’ll be providing, so check out what’s on the site and check back over the next few weeks as we fill out the session list!

    Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell’s .NET Rocks Show LIVE at Prairie Dev Con!
    We’re excited to have Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell attend the conference! They’ll be presenting sessions, but also doing an episode of their .NET Rocks internet show live from the conference!

    Pre Conference Workshops!
    We have two pre-conference workshops happening on Monday, March 12th! Dylan Smith will be doing a full day on “Creating Powerful Build and Deploy Processes with TFS Build” and Bil Simser will be doing “Windows Phone 7 Developer Workshop”! Both of these guys are respected experts in their field and we’re very proud to be able to offer these workshops.

    Attending either workshop is $399.99, but you can get 50% off if you bundle a workshop with a conference registration!

    Early Bird Pricing!
    Registration is now open! For the month of December you can register at our early bird price of $499.99, which is $300 off the regular price! Also, groups of 3 or more get an additional $50 off each registration!

    You can register online or request an invoice.

    Hotel and Venue!
    The conference will be held at the TELUS Convention Centre, and the official conference hotel is the Calgary Marriott right next door! We have a limited number of hotel rooms at a conference rate of $209.00 a night, so book your hotel accommodations early! Call 1-800-896-6878 and mention Prairie Developer Conference when booking.

    Keep In Touch!
    Please let me know if you have any questions or comments! There’s many ways to connect with the conference and receive announcements/updates:

    Join us!
    Prairie Dev Con West will be the technology event to attend in Alberta in 2012! In addition to the three days of fantastic sessions by amazing speakers, there are a number of community events being planned the week of the conference! You’ll definitely want to be in Calgary this March to be part of it!

  • First Calgary SharePoint User Group Meeting

    I have the pleasure of speaking at the first Calgary SharePoint User Group meeting next Monday, November 23rd. The planning for a Calgary based SharePoint group has been a long time coming (I’ve been engaged in talks about one at least 4 times over the last few years). Finally it’s a reality.



    • The Calgary SharePoint User Group will provide an opportunity to discuss and grow new ideas and innovations by allowing consultants and IT knowledge workers to share their common experiences, issues, and solutions. 
    • It will create a forum for individuals to discuss SharePoint and related technologies, such as .NET/development, customization/branding, Business Intelligence (BI), content/document & records management, etc, with other experienced individuals in the field.

    Who can attend?

    • Anyone!
    • SharePoint is a broad product where users range from having no technical experience to hardcore programmers who can make SharePoint rollover and do tricks.  If necessary we may even have separate meetings depending on the number of attendees and their areas of interest.



    Date Monday, November 23rd

    Doors open at 5:00pm, meeting starts at 5:30pm

    Topic SharePoint 2010 Overview
    Location TransCanada Building, +15 level conference room
    450 1 St SW

    See you there!

  • Edmonton Code Camp Time Again...

    I'll be packing up my troubles and heading up to Edmonton for the day with John "The Pimp" Bristowe for Edmonton Code Camp. The Code Camp takes place on September 19th and runs all day at Grant MacEwan's downtown campus. I'm bringing my SharePoint rig with me and will be doing a little SharePoint dance called Stupid SharePoint Tricks. Here's the description of the session:

    What can you do with SharePoint and what shouldn’t you do with it? Let’s take a walk through some of the lesser known features of SharePoint and things you can do out-of-the-box that you might not know you could do. We’ll also look at the dark side of SharePoint and what you shouldn’t do with it. Finally we’ll look at some of the better tools out there, how to maximize your development time with SharePoint and lots of code, code, code!

    So grab your favorite nerd and head on down for a day of general debauchery and early afternoon drinking (oh yeah, and code!). Registration is open up on the website now with a list of all the speakers and sessions.

    See you there!

  • Edmonton Code Camp bound this Saturday

    What do 3 geeks do at 4AM in the parking lot of an IKEA in Calgary on a Saturday morning? Plot to overthrow Future Shop in the hopes of obtaining a rare shipment of WiiFits? Maybe. Test the cold-tolerance level of Dell laptops using Canadian Tire car batteries as their only source of power? Could be. Make cheap jokes about doing drag and drop presentations then have t-shirts made up to mock Microsoft employees?

    Nah, they get together to drive to Edmonton and attend the Edmonton Code Camp silly.

    That's what me and 2 of my very tired friends will be doing this Saturday (note, Tim Hortons will be our cuddly buddies come Saturday) as we head up to Edmonton, home of a hockey team that leaves their players quivering on the ice, questioning their sexuality.

    I'll be presenting two fun-filled-uber-cool-extra-special-director-cut-edition-limited-time-only-before-they-go-back-into-the-vault sessions:

    How to Win Friends and Influence People on Facebook, in .NET
    Yes, building Facebook apps isn't only restricted to PHP and procedural code. We'll go through building apps using the newly released 2.0 Facebook Toolkit for .NET and talk about restrictions that social networking sites put on how much information you can (and cannot) farm out of their API. And yeah, we'll build some cool Facebook games too (in .NET).

    Building Really Cool Apps with WPF
    We'll do some cool stuff. It's a code camp. Bring yer laptops and fire up Visual Studio and we'll make XAML stand on it's head and do somersaults over any ORM anyday. jQuery? Bah. This is WPF baby and it your user experience doesn't get any richer than this.

    My sessions are deemed a PowerPoint Free Zone to help make the planet a little nicer place to live in. Rock on big Al.

    See you there!

  • Winnipeg Code Camp, the aftermath...

    Finished up at Winnipeg Code Camp today with a good turnout for my sessions. I was pretty happy as lots of people are interested in the topics I presented on (BDD and DDD) which is a good thing. The more the merrier.


    Of course finding the location was a bit of a problem for me. I punched in Red River College into my Garmin GPS we got with the rental (thank god for technology) and it instructed that my destination was a mere 5 minutes away from the hotel. Sounded about right (I know I was close, wasn't sure how close). I got there and wandered around for a bit. It was a little off because the map on site didn't seem to resemble the school. I pulled it up on my BlackBerry and showed it to a few people, but nobody seemed to know what I was talking about (someone commented on the BlackBerry and it's ability to show JPG files from the web, but that was about it). Finally I tracked down a security guy who told me I was on the wrong campus and wanted the downtown campus. Silly rabbit. Should have read the GPS before clicking "Go".


    It was a good day, the sessions went well and I think the Winnipeg guys did a bang up job on their first (and not last) code camp. I got to draw the lucky winner who walked away with a new XBox 360 Arcade so that made my day.


    I'll post the code and resources for the two sessions later here on my blog (and I think the Code Camp guys are setting up a resource page that we'll add info to as well).

    I also did a quick two-minute interview with D'Arcy before my sessions. Brad Pitt I am not, but you can watch the painful video below by clicking on the big giant arrow that looks like my head.

  • Edmonton Code Camp - here I am!

    Jacked up on Rockstar and hanging out in the Holiday Inn in Edmonton as I hit the Edmonton Code Camp tommorow. Of course in my fit of leaving I forgot the video and still camera, so no pics from me but I'm sure they'll be Flickr coverage of the event from others (sorry Kyle).

    Here's to tommorow and I'll see if I can sneak into a few other sessions and blog about them for you while I'm there (the Donald/Justice session on the future of .NET and James' session on ALT.NET should prove interesting).

    Ahh.. wireless networking and HBO. What more can a geek ask for?

  • Camping out in Edmonton - Code Camp 2007

    I'm heading up to Edmonton this weekend for the Edmonton flavor of Code Camp. Seems only fitting as the freaks came down to our Calgary Code Camp, so I'll reciprocate. I have two sessions I'm talking about and will see if I can bring my video camera (where the heck is that charger?) and post some sessions (or at least Justice grooming himself) on my Silverlight space. Here are the sessions.

    IEntity<Hello World>(new GettingStartedWith(DomainDrivenDesign))
    We'll spend an hour wallowing through aggregate roots, entities, value objects, repositories, and the principles and concepts behind Domain Driven Design. Demos will be on the fly based on what you guys want to see but I'll prep a few things around specifications, identifying aggregate roots, TDDing the domain, and other goodness.

    So you want to play a game? How about thermo-nuclear war, XNA style!
    I won't be teamed up with John The Pimp Bristowe on this, but we'll go double-head on the display as we step through XNA, write a few games and duke it out on the big screen deploying and debugging XBox 360 games from my Windows laptop. It's like rockem-sockem robots, but with less carnage.

    Watch for a wrapup, pics, and potentially damaging video on the weekend after the dust settles. See you there!

  • Calgary Code Camp 2007, no hotdogs but plenty of schwag!

    If you're around or about the Calgary area this weekend what should you be doing?

    1. Meeting up with Calgarians to talk about Al Gores presentation this week on his global warming show, The Inconvenient Truth?
    2. Checking out a semi-naked Rose McGowan being beat up by Kurt Russell at 120 miles per hour in Grindhouse?
    3. Enjoying the fresh air and sunshine with your family.


    You should get your geek-butts down to the Calgary Code Camp. It's this Saturday and we're ready to roll, so should you be.

    What can you do at the code camp? Not only see over a dozen speakers and sessions but perhaps walk away with some truely awesome door prizes.

    We're giving away about $20,000 (holy crap, that's a lot of stuff!) worth of software, hardware, books, and goodies from over a dozen sponsors including ComponentArt, Dundas, JetBrains and others.

    I'm giving two fun-filled-uber-cool sessions on XNA programming so we'll be building games, doing demos, and going deep dive on the XNA content pipeline, as well as checking out some cool tools for you to start writing games for the Xbox 360 (and we'll have our 360s there for some between session gaming, Gears of War anyone?)

    Oh yeah, did I mention this was... all... free! Free as in beer (or speech if you prefer).

    Be there!

  • Sessions and speakers for the Calgary Code Camp

    The speakers and some of the sessions are up on the Calgary Code Camp site.

    I'm presenting two sessions on XNA programming. John Bristowe and I will double-team at the camp going over the basics then we crank up the volume to 11 and write some games as we go deep into the XNA framework and tools.

    Last year was fun but this year is going to be even funner. Yes, funner. Funest. Fun to the nth degree. The mosted fun you'll ever have for $0.

    Be there.

  • Calgary Code Camp, a huge success!

    We’re very happy with the turnout for yesterdays Calgary Code Camp. It was a first for us and yeah, we made mistakes but we had hoped for about 50 people but got around 80. With two tracks running, both rooms we filled well on each session and it seems everyone had fun. I’ll be posting slides and code from my sessions in a day or so after I recover from the event ;)