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Edmonton Code Camp bound this Saturday by Bil Simser

What do 3 geeks do at 4AM in the parking lot of an IKEA in Calgary on a Saturday morning? Plot to overthrow Future Shop in the hopes of obtaining a rare shipment of WiiFits? Maybe. Test the cold-tolerance level of Dell laptops using Canadian Tire car...

Visual Debian Installation Walkthrough using Virtual PC by Bil Simser

I had to work on some code inside of a “real” *nix system recently so I though I would give everyone a visual walkthrough of setting up the operating system. I need to pave a new image so I figured I would just share with the rest of the class setting...

Transforming Tree Surgeon using the Adaptive Console Framework by Bil Simser

I'm a command line app junkie as I love working with it. I guess it's my DOS/Linux roots but I find things go faster when you're not dealing with a GUI and a mouse. Command line tools like NAnt and MSBuild have all sorts of options and syntax. Some of...
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