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What is SharePoint Out of the Box? by Bil Simser

It’s always fun in the blog-o-sphere and SharePoint bloggers always keep the pot boiling. Bjorn Furuknap recently posted a blog entry titled Why Out-of-the-Box Makes No Sense in SharePoint , quickly followed up by a rebuttal by Marc Anderson on his blog...
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SharePoint Q&A With the MVP Gang by Bil Simser

Interested in getting some first hand knowledge about SharePoint and all of it’s quirks, oddities, and secrets? We’re hosting not one, but *two* SharePoint Q&A sessions with the MVP crowd. Here’s the official blurb: Do you have tough technical questions...

Using jQuery and SPServices to Display List Items by Bil Simser

I had an interesting challenge recently that I turned to Marc Anderson’s wonderful SPServices project for. If you haven’t already seen or used SPServices, please do. It’s a jQuery library that does primarily two things. First, it wraps up all of the SharePoint...

Introducing… SharePress! by Bil Simser

For those that follow me I’ve been away from blogging and twittering for a couple of months. This is the reason. For the last few months I’ve been working with a cross-functional team putting together a new product from the people that run WordPress,...
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