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Dynamic Project Listing for XAMPP by Bil Simser

I’m a big fan of two very simple products, XAMPP and WampServer . Both are pre-packaged install kits composed of Apache, MySQL, and PHP (among other tools). They’re the perfect answer to getting a LAMP/WAMP/MAMP stack running quicky for some local PHP...
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Content Query Web Part and the Yes/No Field by Bil Simser

The Content Query Web Part (CQWP) is a pretty powerful beast. It allows you to do multiple site queries and aggregate the results. This is great for rolling up content and doing some summary type reporting. Here’s a trick to remember about Yes/No fields...
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SharePoint – The Most Important Feature by Bil Simser

Watching twitter and doing a search for SharePoint and you see a lot (almost one every few minutes) of tweets about the top 10 new features in SharePoint. What answer do you get when you ask the question, “What’s the most important feature in SharePoint...
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