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Using the Builder Pattern To Create SharePoint Lists by Bil Simser

In building out a custom solution I get tired of writing procedural code to create a list, add the columns, setup the views, and add some initial data. Many moons ago I decided to follow a creational design pattern called the Builder pattern. This pattern...
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Metro Inspiration–Designing Better Looking Apps for Windows Phone 7 by Bil Simser

Recently I had the pleasure of checking out @jeffwilcox ’s newest app for the Windows Phone 7 platform called 4th & Mayor . It allows you to interact with the location-based platform called foursquare . His app allows you to check in, take pictures...
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SharePoint Content and Site Editing Tips by Bil Simser

A few content management and site editing tips for power users on this bacon flavoured unicorn morning. The theme here is keep it clean! Write "friendly" email addresses Remember it's human beings reading your content. So seeing something like "If you...
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WP7 Mobile Friendly WordPress Site by Bil Simser

If you're running a WordPress site you owe it to yourself to check out WPTouch . WPTouch is a fabulous plug-in for WordPress that instantly transforms your site into a navigatable mobile friendly one. Browse to a WordPress site and it's pretty clean....
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Secret Agent Man by Bil Simser

Just a quick one this morning as we all get started in the week. Something that comes into play (sometimes in a big way) is the user agent string your browser gives off. So for example using the User-Agent field in the request header, you can determine...
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