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MediaWiki, WP7 and JSON Together Again For The First Time by Bil Simser

In another project that I’m working on (like I don’t have enough of them) I stumbled across the MediaWiki API . MediaWiki is the workhorse wiki software that powers such sites as Wikipedia . What you may (or may not) know is that the MediaWiki API is...
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Custom SharePoint Ribbons and Current List Item in JavaScript by Bil Simser

I recently had to build a custom ribbon item displayed when a user viewed a list item. The ribbon button would whisk the user away to a view on another list, passing the current list item ID to the view to use as a query string filter. The secondary list...

SharePoint Server 2010 Windows Phone 7 Mobile Edition by Bil Simser

It’s wonderful to end the week with two of my favorite passions, SharePoint and Windows Phone 7. The last few months I’ve been working on a special project that you can install on your Windows Phone 7 starting today. SharePoint Server 2010 running on...
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