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The Big Dummies Guide for Windows Phone Developer Resources by Bil Simser

Windows Phone apps are growing in popularity as does the 50,000 60,000 apps in the marketplace today. Microsoft has done a great job at putting together some resources for developers including full documentation . When you first land on App Hub there...
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Visual Studio Achievements - Remember Kids They're Just For Fun by Bil Simser

I followed a neat project for the last couple of months which today became a reality, Visual Studio Achievements . Achievements are something the gaming world are very familiar with. They're milestones of recognition to meet like "Blowing up 30 Enemies...

The Big Dummies Guide to Building a SharePoint Internet Site by Bil Simser

I'm about to embark on a new project, building a SharePoint based Internet site. This is new for me as all the SharePoint work I've done has been Intranet facing and I know there are some challenges with SharePoint and outward facing sites. So I called...
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