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Broken Windows Phone Marketplace by Bil Simser

Recently the Windows Phone Developer Team posted an article about how App Insights work and specifically how Free, Top, and New apps work . It’s all accurate, a good read, and (to an extent) will help you improve your app’s ranking in the Marketplace...

Farseer tutorial for the absolute beginners by Bil Simser

This post is inspired (and somewhat a direct copy) of a couple of posts Emanuele Feronato wrote back in 2009 about Box2D (his tutorial was ActionScript 3 based for Box2D, this is C# XNA for the Farseer Physics Engine ). Here’s what we’re building: What...
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Introducing SharePointR by Bil Simser

Recently there’s been a lot of great press on a async signallying libarary called SignalR . SignalR is the brainchild of Microsoft employee David Fowler and helps you build real-time, multi-user interactive web applications. The last year I’ve been working...
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