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NHibernate: Identity columns that are not the primary key by Bil Simser

Sometimes you need a column in your database to automatically increment (like an identity column) in order to provide back to a user say a confirmation number (when an item is added to that table). In NHibernate there's no way to specify this kind of...
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New NHibernate users mailing list setup, join now! Operators are standing by. by Bil Simser

I'm always finding myself Googling an answer to a question about NHibernate (either that or I fire off an email to Oren, although I think I've used up all my chits with him now). The SourceForge project has a mailing list (several of them actually) but...

Reconsituting Domain Collections with NHibernate by Bil Simser

We ran into a problem using NHibernate to persist our domain. Here's an example of a domain object; an Order class with a collection of OrderLine objects to represent the line in each order placed in the system. In the system we want to be able to...
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Returning Generic Lists from NHibernate by Bil Simser

This was an "aha" moment for me this morning as I was building a small spike project to figure out how we can incorporate NHibernate as our data access layer and still be a happy loosely coupled Smart Client. Beyond the fact that I have to create...
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