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TRUE, True, true, and FALSE, False, false by Bil Simser

I'm just in rant mode the last few days, trying to get my head wrapped about 3000 posts by Oren (who just happens to be an android and takes his orders from his dog) and 3000 posts on the altnetconf mailing list in the last 30 days (yes, 100 new messages...
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Scrum for Team System Tips by Bil Simser

As I'm staring at my blank Team System setup waiting for the system to work again, I thought I would share a few Scrum for Team System tips with you. SFTS has done a pretty good job for us (much better than the stock templates Team System comes with)...
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Previously on Fear and Loathing... by Bil Simser

Bil was struggling with the question. What would you rather have? No source control or no tests . Let's go back a bit to Friday morning when Bil came into the office to find himself alone (it was 5:30AM and what ungodly soul would be at work at that time...
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What would you rather have... by Bil Simser

A system with no source control, or a system with no tests? Personally I would rather have a system with no tests. At least with tests I can write them. With no source control, well, welcome to my Monday morning. It's going to be a long week.

eScrum, part deux by Bil Simser

Microsoft has come out with an update to what I consider their Gong Show release of eScrum . The new version (v1.0 as opposed to v1, go figure) has the following fixes: MSI to provide a prerequisites separately during installation Provided start menu...
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TFS vs. Open Source, the battle rages on by Bil Simser

Caught a thread between Roy Osherove and Oren Eini that has gone back and forth a few times, all about Team Foundation Server and open source tools (and the deficencies Oren points out in TFS). The discussion has been (mostly) centered around source control...

3 Team System Goodies by Bil Simser

Stumbled over 3 different goodies for Team System and CodePlex that will be very valuable to me. Hopefully these will be useful to you too. CodePlex Source Control Client This is a command line tool which allows users to work offline (in the "edit-merge...

Fixing Product Backlog items in Scrum for Team System by Bil Simser

For those of us who use Conchango's process guidance package for Visual Studio Team System, Scrum for Team System , life is good. Scrums are easy to track, burndown charts are cool to put up on the wall, and it's a breeze to see immediately where...
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Lies TFS Told Me by Bil Simser

This morning we suffered an air-conditioner failure in one of the server rooms. As our TFS server was deployed to a server with the words "dev" in it, naturally they thought they could just shut it down. After all, dev means development so it's not critical...
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