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500 Metro Style WP7 Icons by Bil Simser

I was inspired by The Noun Project , a project that offers up “Metro-style” icons in SVG format. The project is licensed under a public domain license and while it’s a great project, all of the content is in SVG format. Jon Galloway has a great post ...
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WPF Application Quality Guide, Revision 4 Released by Bil Simser

Microsoft has put together another version (this is rev 4) of their WPF Application Quality Guide, a fairly complete set of tasks and ideas around writing good quality apps using the Windows Presentation Framework.
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Building an Error Icon in WPF by Bil Simser

When you launch a XBAP application you can sometimes stumble over the XBAP error page which might look something like this: Here's a WPF user control that you can drop into any application that simulates the error icon you see. It's a simple Canvas control...
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Handling Unhandled Exceptions in XBAP Applications by Bil Simser

In your own applications you'll generally want a "catch-all" handler that will take care of unhandled exceptions. In WinForms apps this is done by creating an unhandled exception delegate and (optionally) creating an AppDomain unhandled exception handler...
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Patterns, Practices, and Prism by Bil Simser

James Kovacs and I had the pleasure of presenting to a well fed crowd of about 150 crazed developers and IT folk at Shaw here in Calgary last night. We did a drive by discussion of Prism. I say drive by because we really just scratched the surface of...
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TechDays 08 - Mini Me version of TechEd, now with Canadian Content! by Bil Simser

Great news for Canadians! No, we haven't discovered a new source of unlimited clean-burning fuel and Stephen Harper is still our Prime Minister (for now). Microsoft Canada has put together an awesome road show and it's coming soon. This is very much a...
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Setting the Publish Status to Include for 3rd Party Files with XBAP deployments by Bil Simser

I was trying to deploy a new WPF app via XBAP today and we were experiencing an odd deployment error. When we deployed and launched the app we were getting this error: Startup URI: http://localhost/XbapNHibernateDeploymentSpike/XbapNHibernateDeploymentSpike...
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WPF for Business Applications, ready for the average user? by Bil Simser

We're starting a new project and naturally we looked at leveraging the latest .NET framework features (auto properties, extension methods, lamdas, LINQ, etc.). The question of user interface came up and we had some decisions to make. This specific project...
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WPF or WinForms, choose wisely by Bil Simser

WPF is all the rage (at least that's what they tell me) and it's IMHO one of the best technologies to come out of Microsoft. Still, however, companies choose to stay the course with building on WinForms. Karl Shifflett has a great blog entry on choosing...

Automated UI Testing with Project White by Bil Simser

A co-worker turned me onto Project White , an automated UI testing framework by ThoughtWorks. This along the same lines as NUnitForms and other automated systems. It's basically Selenium for WinForms (which rocks in its own right) so I thought I would...
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