Soaking up the ASP.NET MVC Framework

The ASP.NET MVC framework is out and I'm sure people will be messing around with it. I'm still not sure how much AJAX is possible right now with this so we should see some samples hopefully (I'm trying to build one right now but not getting very far).

If this is all new to you and you're trying to get your head around the framework, here are the links to Scott Guthrie's mini-series on this epic. Recommended Required reading to get used to the framework and now that it's out you can build the samples yourself.

There are more entries coming from the big guy, including information about the HtmlHelpers and AjaxHelpers (and how to build your own) but this will get you off the ground and flying in no time.

If you missed the link, you can grab the framework here.


  • What do you mean you're not sure how much "AJAX" is possible right now?
    Do you mean ASP.NET Ajax?
    I don't think that any of the controls will work because a lot of them just hijack the postback and make it asynchronous.
    The view-only controls will work just fine OOB, and all of the javascript libraries will work just fine as well.
    Of course there is much less friction to using prototype and others now, so ASP.NET Ajax doesn't have a whole lot of selling points ATM.

  • I've used a lot of MVC style frameworks in ColdFusion (FuseBox, Mach ][, etc).

    MVC is good if you want to get into a lot of XSL Transformations in the view layer, which is a great for presenting data to a number of different devices.

    Isn't Mono MVC'ish?


  • @Cory:

    I don't see how XSLT has anything to do with MVC, at least in the traditional Model-View-Controller architecture. Sure you can emit XML via your controller and transform it into HTML but that isn't close to the main points of MVC.

    Mono has nothing to do with MVC. Mono is more akin to the .NET Run-Time.

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