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Git for Visual Studio Developers
A new course is out from my friend and co-worker, Esteban Garcia! It teaches you how to work with Git from Visual Studio. Working with Git from Visual Studio is an excellent skill to have and know...and if you don't already have a PluralSight subscription...
MOC 10961: Automating Administration with Windows PowerShell I just learned about this awesome course, written by Don Jones, that is available to MCTs this month. The course looks to be a good beginners look at PowerShell...
Posted: May 30 2013, 03:56 PM by swigerb | with no comments
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Using the Kendo UI Grid with OData on WCF Data Services
A co-worker and I were working with the Kendo UI Grid and having difficulties binding the data from a WCF Data Services 5.2.0 Data Service returning OData. I've used the JSONP extension/behavior in the past with success, yet understood the new WCF Data...
Posted: Jan 07 2013, 10:18 AM by swigerb | with no comments
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