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Microsoft SharePoint Conference 2014 materials available...
Hey Everyone, The Microsoft SharePoint Conference 2014 concluded last Thursday, and there were a ton of great sessions. In years past, Microsoft has made the sessions and materials available to attendees through their MySPC site – basically blocking non-attendees from accessing materials. In an unusual (but welcome!) move, everything is freely available this year. Just today, Microsoft put all of the recorded sessions up on Channel 9 for our viewing pleasure: If you have any interest in SharePoint, Yammer, Office 365, or where these technologies/platforms are heading, I encourage you to check out the videos. There were certainly technical sessions, but there were also plenty of strategy sessions, case studies, and more – something for everyone.
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How to configure Visual Studio to use Beyond Compare

Hands down, my FAVORITE comparison tool is Beyond Compare, by Scooter Software.

Setting up this tool for Visual Studio to use for the Merge and Compare operation is straightforward, yet not completely intuitive.

Follow these simple steps to get up and running with Beyond Compare in Visual Studio (2012 and 2013 as of this post):

In Visual Studio, go to the Tools menu, select Options, expand Source Control, (In a TFS environment, click Visual Studio Team Foundation Server), and click on the Configure User Tools button.

Click the Add button.

Enter/select the following options for Compare:

  • Extension: .*
  • Operation: Compare
  • Command: C:\Program Files (x86)\Beyond Compare 3\BComp.exe
  • Arguments: %1 %2 /title1=%6 /title2=%7

Enter/select the following options for Merge:

  • Extension: .*
  • Operation: Merge
  • Command: C:\Program Files (x86)\Beyond Compare 3\BComp.exe
  • Arguments: %1 %2 %3 %4 /title1=%6 /title2=%7 /title3=%8 /title4=%9

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SQL71501: User has an unresolved reference to Login in Visual Studio (2012/2013) Database Project
If you create application specific logins (which you should) then you are going to come across this error when trying to build your solution. To correct this error, select include 'Non-Application-scoped' object types in the options (gear icon at top) when you do a schema compare (right-click the database project to find Schema Compare). You can then just import the logins into your regular project, and the references are sorted. Note: If you click on the Object Types tab and it closes the dialog (which it did for me), instead use the tab key until Application-scoped is highlighted, then press the down arrow to highlight Non-Application-scoped and press the space bar. Now you should be able to click OK and see the logins.
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Git for Visual Studio Developers

A new course is out from my friend and co-worker, Esteban Garcia! It teaches you how to work with Git from Visual Studio. Working with Git from Visual Studio is an excellent skill to have and know...and if you don't already have a PluralSight subscription, you can sign up for a free trial. It's well worth it and a great learning resource that I utilize all the time.

 Check out the course: 

 Great work, Esteban! I plan on going through it very soon. 

MOC 10961: Automating Administration with Windows PowerShell

I just learned about this awesome course, written by Don Jones, that is available to MCTs this month.

The course looks to be a good beginners look at PowerShell V3. As the Microsoft web site points out, this will be a 200-level course and is not intended to teach hardcore scripting or programming.

For IT pros who have never seen PowerShell, this looks to be a very good course, although it doesn't appear to be extremely technical.

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Introduction to AngularJS by Dan Wahlin

Great, FREE training from Dan Wahlin, introducing you to AngularJS. Dan is one of my favorite PluralSight contributors and enjoy his courses.

I've used KnockoutJS and Backbone, yet am evaluating this framework now.



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Using the Kendo UI Grid with OData on WCF Data Services

A co-worker and I were working with the Kendo UI Grid and having difficulties binding the data from a WCF Data Services 5.2.0 Data Service returning OData. I've used the JSONP extension/behavior in the past with success, yet understood the new WCF Data Services returned JSONP just fine, as previous 5.1.0-rc2, indicated as such (with regards to $format/$callback).

Jason did a great write-up at his blog site on the solution.

Hope this helps others out...using OData returns from WCF Data Services and the excellent Kendo UI Grid.

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HDC 2010 is here!

 The Heartland Developer's Conference is back in full swing this year!  I'm in attendance and am happy to see Joe Olsen bringing different topics to the event, including Android development.  I see that Adobe is really bringing a lot of Flash discussions as well.  It's interesting to hear about development challenges from other technologies since I'm hip-deep in Microsoft development (even though I enjoy it).  Looking forward to hearing about HTML 5, the Microsoft Web stack, user experience design and service technologies.

Make sure to register for the event and journey to Omaha.  It's well worth your time and the price is super cheap for an event of this size.

See you there!

Back in the saddle....and local .NET usergroups

Having a child really pulls your life for a loop. I decided to head back to school for my Master's as well. Time just got sucked up quickly.

I'm excited for the new Indigo technologies Microsoft has to offer after learning of the changes through an excellent presentation by Dave Bettin. Our local .NET users group is a great place to meet others active in the community and to learn about exciting implementations and upcoming .NET developments. I think it's great that Microsoft is so willing to keep in touch with the community by providing individuals to come out and speak about upcoming features of products and other .NET topics.

Speaking of other .NET topics, I've convinced management to deploy SQL Server Reporting Services (which is awesome, btw). Moving from Crystal Reports (and Oracle reports) to SQL Server Reporting Services seems to be cake so far. It was easy convincing management since it was a) free b) easy to learn c) installed with no issues and d) didn't chew up tons of system resources (just look at the specs required). Oh, did I mention that since it's in a universal format (RDL), that the Oracle reports are easy to move to SQL Server Reporting Services? Thanks Microsoft!

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Server controls...a templated approach...

Accomplishing a centralized page template is proving to be a challenge.  The overall agreed strategy is to utilize server controls for the main page elements and standards form elements (technically still server controls) for the main form area.  The goal is a page (from top to bottom) with a header, and information section, a form or other page elements, then a footer.  Dividing up the page into several server controls seems to be the approach.  A server control for each section including the form/other page elements section that is a container.  Is this going overboard with the use of server controls?  The .Text application seems to accomplish this with user controls rather than server controls from what little I've quickly examined of the code.  What's the community conclusion on page templates.

I've also briefly looked at these boilerplates that they speak of for templates in the Microsoft development environment.  Anyone using these?

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