Being in Somasegar's top 3 customer issues list

Note: this entry has moved.

Yesterday I posted about how Microsoft is listening to customers, and specially the excelent experience I had using Product Feedback. Now it turns out that one of my favorite bugs, one that I reported and kept pushing for almost a year now, is in Somasegar's top 10 customer issues, third in the list :). I'm specially flattered about the description:

Description: Twice we resolved this issue as "Won't Fix" but because "kzu" kept pushing, reopening the bug and insisting we reconsider, we did and fixed it for Beta 2. I want to thank kzu for driving this issue for the community.

Fortunately I reopened the bug after he ran the query :o).... I only wish I had more support from ASP.NET MVPs (specially those with strong reputation among the product team...)

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