How to easily test WCF Web Api services

Given the many cross-cutting concerns you can cover using the new Web API pipeline,  it’s not a bad idea to have a bunch of integration-style tests that cover the actual running service end to end.

This is pretty straightforward nowadays: create the service host, open, close on cleanup. Add the Http host configuration from the new APIs on top and that’s about it.

The following code is using a little helper class (in the spirit of a true NETFx nuget) that makes this slightly easier:

public void WhenHostingService_ThenCanInvokeIt()
    using (var webservice = new HttpWebService<TestService>(
        serviceBaseUrl: "http://localhost:20000",
        serviceResourcePath: "test",
        serviceConfiguration: HttpHostConfiguration.Create()))
        var client = new HttpClient(webservice.BaseUri);

        // Builds: http://localhost:2000/test/23
        var uri = webservice.Uri("23");
        var response = client.Get(uri);

        Assert.True(response.IsSuccessStatusCode, response.ToString());

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