Don Kiely on .NET Rocks! this week

Programming with Least Privilege - Don Kiely

This week on DNR, well-known author, developer, and speaker Don Kiely tells us why it's important to develop software (and do everything else on your PC) running as a non-admin. He offers some advice on what the pitfalls and challenges are as well as the benefits. It's a new world, and the days of running as administrator are over, or at least they should be.

Introducing two new segments on .NET Rocks!
The Weird Wide Webb
VB.NET developer and new DNR addition Kirk Webb scours the web for weirdness and coughs it up every week (we hope) for your amusement. Check out the segment at the beginning of the second half of the show this week! Great Job, Kirk!
Ask Rory
Got a question about life? love? cooking? dogs? math? anything? Ask advice expert, Rory Blyth and he'll answer your questions on the air. Email him at

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