Dave Wecker, Architect - Mobile Platforms Division this week on .NET Rocks!

This week's show is an interesting conversation with Dave Wecker, a brilliant (we think) architect in the Mobile Platforms Division who is constantly looking for the next thing in mobility, and how to make the mobile platforms better. The conversation spans from his experiences with speech recognition systems, the Tablet PC, microphone arrays, and neural networks to toys, home automation, books, and toys. Did we mention toys? Dave is a Toy Boy like us! It's people like Dave that make Microsoft the leader in software innovation.


The next show will be broadcast on Friday, September 10th at 9PM Eastern Time. Our guest will be Mark Miller, author of (among many other things) CodeRush, a productivity add-in for VS.NET that you can't live without! Mark is Cheif Architect for the IDE Tools Division of DeveloperExpress



  • Carl I was gonna listen live on Thursday but I couldn't join the server.

  • Damn you people all to hell! I'm wearing a tin foil hat from now on.

    A few weeks ago, I was e-mailing back and forth with skateboarder Tony Hawk's webmaster, Jaime, about some typo's I found on their site. Somehow it came up that he ran a goof site called MenWhoLookLikeKennyRodgers.com.

    When you started the World Wide Weird segment recently, I kept saying to myself that I *have* to submit that one for the show. I'm just downloading the show now, and looking at the links list it appears that somehow, you beat me to the punch. Coincidence? I think not.

    Damn you people! Stop stealing my thoughts! Arrrrggghhh!!!

  • Um, it's Rogers, no "d". I fixed the Url.

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