Carl Franklin and Mark Miller show off Refactor support in VB 2005

Mark Miller and I made these videos the other day in hopes that Microsoft would use them on their page announcing the excellent refactoring support that Mark's company is providing for the VB 2005 language. Microsoft ultimately opted for a shorter video done by DevExpress. No biggie. We can still share the videos we made.

Here they are (flash is required):

Refactoring Part One:

Refactoring Part Two:




  • In one word - Amazing.

    In more words - The best I've seen in a long time.

    When can we have a C# version?

  • Have a question/suggestion though.

    As I change the name of a method, I hope I can use only the keyboard, to change the name wherever that method is used. (I think Mark used the mouse to do that).

    Also, hopefully that'll work over multiple projects in a solution?

  • I am speechless, I should start using VB.NET just for that coolness. Amazing!!

  • Really cool things... I have 2 Remarks. First, I tought there was allready refactoring tools in VS 2005 (or is it only in C#)... Even if they are not that cool (mainly because they have Modal Boxes), I'm asking myself if it's not "double"... The second remark is about the design. Some things are really neat, but some others (like those big red arrows) really need a designer looking at it, because they look as nice as the Windows XP Standard Candy User Interface ;) But once again, DevExpress Team, Great great great ! ;)

  • This is incredible!

    Amazing Tales of Productivity... ;-)

  • So have the "refactored" the download button or is it just me??

    when I press the "Download Your Copy Now" button I get a new browser window with the same page. My system is XP Pro SP2, I do not see any IE popup error message but it acts like a popup error...

    I' see what view source on the page shows...

  • I believe Beta1 C# had refactoring, and Beta2 VB.NET has it too. But neither look this cool, and this appears to do much more. This makes Vstudio like a game. Especially the reorder parameters, my god, how did they manage to do that animation. It's simply unreal.

  • Now it downloaded.... Server capacity limit I guess.... be better if it said that and not loop back to the page.

  • just killer...i'm speechless

  • Is this language-independant like a typical DevExpress feature? :)

  • This is for VB.NET only

  • It's language independant, and IDE independant - but only in Refactor! Pro. Other features of R!Pro include some additional refactorings (like the 'renam local' Mark just showed), and extensibility where you can actualy build custom refactorinsgs using any .NET language (Tools written in VB for C# guys - makes a nuce change :).

    R!Pro is $99.

    Refactor! for Visual Basic 2005 (The free version) is for Visual Basic 2005 Only.

  • bah spelling is your friend

  • Wow! That's crazy. What a cool tool.

  • Wow refactor looks great. But even something more special, Mark doesn't mention poo, or cursed at all through that. A round of applause for Refactor and another for Mark. Great vid by the way. Refactor rulez!!

  • This is terrific! When we got Beta 2 installed we were shocked to see refactoring built into C#, but lacking in VB.NET. I am thrilled to see this tool added in. Are we going to see this tool built into Visual Studio 2005?

  • Mike,

    It's part of VB 2005, yes, but because of timing didn't make it in the box. When you install VS there will be some kind of link to download it.

  • Just wanted to let you know guys that it also works on the BETA 1 ! ;) We ordered the BETA 2 but in the mean time I wanted to give it a try, and it actually works ! By the way, anybody know how to configure the shortcut so that I can use something else than ~, because on a German keyboard it's not at all easy...

  • StuFF: If you go to the devexpress.public.dotnet.refactor.vb newsgroup, you can find a thread with the subject "Refactor options". In this thread I discuss work-arounds for rebinding this default shortcut.

  • wow .... bleeding edge

  • 403765.. Reposted it :)

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