.NET Rocks! at the PDC. BIG PRIZES!

The 64-Bit Question - A.NET Rocks Quiz Show!

Monday Night, September 12, 2005 - 6-7PM - Room 150/151

Play .NET and DNR Trivia and win BIG PRIZES!

Three contestants picked from the audience will have a shot at winning a huge cache o booty!

Each prize package contains:

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2003 in the box!
  • telerik r.a.d. controls suite!
  • Either ActiveReports, SharpGraph, or SharpUI from DataDynamics!
  • .NET Rocks! 2004 Movie on DVD
  • Strange Communication - Franklin Brothers' awesome CD including Toy Boy!
  • Halo 2 XBox version
  • PDC T-Shirt
  • Choice of any .NET Rocks! merchandise from the DNR Useless Crap Store

And last but not least.....

  • a 20 Gig iRiver h10 player stuffed with 129 episodes of DNR, 32 episodes of Mondays, Carl's original music, DNR transcripts in PDF format, and the franklins.net Sunny Day videos!

So if you're at the PDC Monday and you DON'T stop by and have some fun and a chance to win all this great stuff, you better have a damn good excuse!

See you there!

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